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Drôle de Planète is the new Transmedia platform for environmental awareness for our young people aged 4 to 18 years old. The many possible activities are detailed in the teacher’s worksheet: online games, location based walks, physical games, links to reference sites and relevant videos. With content that is constantly being enriched thanks to its community, Drôle de Planète offers everyone the opportunity to participate in the preservation of the environment.


The activities

The many editable teacher’s worksheets offer "turnkey" courses, specific to given themes. But it is also possible to pick one of the many available activities, all in the context of a community full of exchanges and creativity. In L’Enquête, players as group analyze an environmental theme in order to become aware of the context and the different components of the environment involved (ecological, economic, social...). At the end of the game, choose whether or not to take action! The role-playing game, on the other hand, allows participants to defend a character's position by trying to be the most persuasive or to have the most powerful speech. In the poster factory, you can imagine and build an ideal world, or simply design posters to give away. If you want to explore the nature, the geolocalized walks app invites you to discover different educational walks, depending on your objectives, themes or age bracket of your groups. And finally, with the Web games, become a champion of environmental themes while having fun.

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